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Propolis Drops

Propolis Drops

10% Propolis extract in hydroalcoholic solution of propylene glycol.

Propolis regulates the immune system and decreases the processes responsible for the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. It provides natural antioxidants that favor the elimination of harmful free radicals and the reduction of the responsible enzymes that activate inflammatory processes.

The use of Propolis is recommended as an adjuvant in:

  • Treatment and prevention of viral and bacterial diseases
  • Immune system modulator
  • Treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases


Adults, consume up to 25 drops 3 times a day (280 mg of Propolis Extract); children under 12 years old, up to 35 drops once a day (130 mg of Propolis Extract). It is recommended to add the drops in half a glass of milk, yogurt, fruit juices or others.


People allergic to propolis, children under 4 years old, pregnant or lactating women: do not consume.


30 mL bottle.


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