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Apiter Laboratories is a regional company, founded in 1978 with the goal of developing products for healthcare and wellness, leveraged with a natural resource with proven therapeutic qualities: Propolis.

This leverage was acquired delving into research, with technological development and industrialization of the production process for Propolis extract: identifying active ingredients of its pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetic and nutraceutical formulations. Consequently a quality management system was implemented to involve the regional apicultural sector increasing its productivity and promoting environmental care.

With the goal of continuing to provide efficient solutions to healthcare requirements, Apiter Laboratories widens its product line, developing formulations with different active ingredients providing appropriate options for different aspects of healthcare, wellness and prevention.

Known to be a constantly evolving company with a strong focus on research and innovation, Apiter Laboratories upholds its philosophy and values on its commitment to quality, product sustainability, motivated across the whole organization sharing its work in an environment of trust, ethic and respect.

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