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Propóleo-D Alginato

Propóleo-D Alginato

Dressing made of calcium alginate fiber impregnated with propolis Water-soluble dressing, non-adherent to the lesion. Provides a moist environment for wound healing. Absorbs exudate forming a soft gel and eliminating bad odour. Protects the wound by creating an antibacterial barrier and inhibiting the formation of biofilm. Promotes autolytic debridement. It has anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates healing.


Wound preparation: the wound should be washed with saline solution or previously boiled drinking water, and the edges and periwound skin should be dried. Open the sachet and remove the dressing by removing the cellophane. Place the dressing on the wound bed without covering the edge. It can be cut with sterile scissors or folded to fit to the edge of the wound. Cover with a secondary absorbent sterile dressing. It can be used under compression dressings. It can be left in place for up to 7 days depending on the amount of exudate in the wound. The replacement of the dressing should be in a shorter period if the wound is infected.


Chronic wounds: pressure ulcers; lower limb ulcers, diabetic foot, venous, neoplastic ulcers. Burns. Surgical wounds.



Envelope with 1 dressing of 10 x 10 cm.


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