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Milking Cream With Aloe Vera & Vitamin a

Milking Cream With Aloe Vera & Vitamin a

  • Nutritive
  • Humectant
  • Regenerative

Milking Cream with Aloe Vera and Vitamin A is deeply nurtures and moistens skin favoring regeneration of damaged epithelial tissue.
Aloe Vera allows Vitamin A to penetrate to the deepest skin layers for an increased antioxidant and revitalizing effect.


Recommended for use on irritation, cracks, inflammatory processes, chafing and general dryness.
Protects and restores skin after exposure to sun and open air.
Indicated for use after depilation and daily shave.


Apply over the skin several times a day gently massaging.


50 g and 120g tube
250 g and 500 g jar
250 g dispenser


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