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Gersitol Hydrogel With Alginate

Gersitol Hydrogel With Alginate

Gel with Sodium Alginate and Calcium.

Gersitol® HYDROGEL with Alginate acts like a primary dressing providing ideal moisture environment for scar tissue formation promoting autolytic debridement or helping with mechanical debridement.

Promotes scar tissue formation by:

  • Hydration of the wound
  • Absorption of exudate


Treatment of dry, low exudate wounds, with or without non-viable tissue.
Debridement and cleaning of wounds with necrotic or gangrenous tissue.
Control of chronic ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers and different etiology wounds.


Clean the wound carefully with appropriate cleaning solution or physiological serum.
Dire just the area around the wound. Apply gel directly over the wound surface (5 mm thickness), stopping at the skin level surrounding it, cover with appropriate moisture retaining secondary dressing.
Gersitol® HYDROGEL needs to be changed when the secondary dressing shows symptoms of saturation or when it’s routinely removed. Substitution frequency needs to be determined by a health care professional.


Should not be used by patients with known sensitivity to any of its components.


To prevent cross contamination, use of a tube per patient is recommended. Follow instructions correctly and if symptoms do not go away, check with your doctor. In case of wound infection, adequate antimicrobial treatment should be started; use of Gersitol HYDROGEL can continue under medical supervision.


50 g tube


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