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Gersitol A.G.E. Lotion

Gersitol A.G.E. Lotion

Gersitol® A.G.E. Lotion is composed by Essential Fatty Acids, mainly linoleic (at 60%), oleic and linolenic and mid chain triglycerides. Contains vitamin A, vitamin E and soy lecithin.

Maintains Cutaneous Integrity

  •  Restores the skin’s hydrolipidic film preventing excessive water loss
  • Protects and enhances skin resistance on high risk areas.
  • Promotes cutaneous firmness and flexibility.
  • Increases blood microcirculation reducing risk of ischemia
  • Facilitates epidermal cell renovation


Treatment and prevention of pressure sores
For care of sensitive and fragile skin
After scar formation


Spray once or twice with Gersitol® A.G.E. Lotion over the risk or fragile area. Massage softly with fingertips spreading evenly Repeat 3 or 4 times a day with each change in posture.


50 mL spray bottle.


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