Anticellulite Milking Cream • APITER
Anticellulite Milking Cream

Anticellulite Milking Cream

  • Eliminates Orange Peel Skin
  • Reshapes Figure
  • Reduces Flaccidity

Anticelullite Milking Cream combines and enhances the effects of two natural products:
Centella Asiatica and Seaweed. Centella Asiatica promotes increase in tissue collagen, helping reduce fibrosis and revitalize the epidermis. Mineral salts, aminoacids and vitamins from seaweed support skin cell regeneration.


Apply 1 or 2 times per day massaging with a circular and ascending motion. Treat for three consecutive months resting ten days between each treatment.


250 g and 500 g jar
250 g dispenser


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