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Aftafin Adhesive Solution

Aftafin Adhesive Solution

Forms an adherent and homogeneous film that isolates the wound from the environment and prevents re infection. Provides quick pain relief.


Treatment of mucous lesions: aphta, candidiasis, alveolitis, gingivitis, lip and genital herpes Promoting scar tissue formation on maxillofacial surgery.

Cervix-vaginal inflammatory lesions post conization or episiotomy.

Condyloma acuminatum

Treatment of skin lesions: wounds and stitches. Skin protector on areas surrounding ostomies

Skin grafts



Dry the wounded area and apply Aftafin® adhesive solution with a cotton swab or spray, 3 o 4 consecutive times in short intervals allowing for evaporation of the solvent and formation of an homogeneous adhesive film.


15 ml solution Drop jar
20 ml spray


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